This is Some Personal Stuff (a post)


This is a beautiful moment. My twin boys sleeping.

Blogging makes me stop and pay attention and appreciate my surroundings. I try to live with awareness in the moment. These photos take me to my happy place.

My creative projects have become a vital and gratfying part of my life. My blog creates a map of where I have been and where I am going.

Dad Fishing

This is my Dad

Blogging feeds my creative soul that still sees new and amazing wonders all around.

Blogging has become a necessary aspect of feeding my creative soul that still sees new, beautiful, and amazing wonders all around.


Glossary of Blogging (a post)


Glossaries of Blogging Termsblog terms wordle


A type of website with posts (entries) displayed in reverse chronological order, that is, the newest at the top.

Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is what takes your basic typed words and transforms them into a beautifully packaged bunch of posts on the internet. (See my Blogging is Like Ice Cream post for a more thorough, and fun, explanation.) WordPress, Blogger and TypePad are three of many blogging platforms.

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