My Tippy Top Favorite Blog Sites


ZenHabits by Leo Babauta

mnmlist by Leo Babauta

How To Start a Blog by Amy Lynn Andrews

Turn Your Blog Into A Book at Blurb

You’ve worked hard to make your blog, to gain followers and keep the content flowing. Now Blurb makes the next step super easy – revitalize your blog and tell even more people about it with a blog photo book that’s beautifully-designed coffee-table material, and that’s ready to sell through out online bookshop.

Penelope Trunk by Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk talks openly about the things that most of us keep private. She is open about her mistakes and all the lessons she has learned from them. I love reading her blog because she is so candid and interesting. This is also a great example of a woman who built many successful businesses with her blog. The lesson: it is okay to be brutally honest and you never know where your blog will take you.

Echoes of a Dream by Simmy

This is a great example of a blogger who put a lot of time and energy into their blog and had a community of followers. You can read how Simmy even met some of her followers and it was a good experience for her. At some point she became tired of blogging and she stopped. Her blog remains up and live and is still enjoyed by many readers. The lesson: just because you start a blog doesn’t mean you have to do it forever. You can choose.

Doorways Traveler by Lisa Field-Elliot Photographer and writer who connects with people all over the world. She says:

“My personal and professional mission is about finding doorways toward greater freedom in our lives.”

Art and Lemons by Nikki Gardner

Food, Photos and Stories. She started her blog in 2008, two months after her son was born as a creative outlet for her photography and writing. She developed an eCourse and an eBook available for purchase.

Smine27’s Travel Lenses on Squidoo

The “lens” he created about his mother conquering her fears in order to visit him in Japan is very moving to read. I like the idea that we are allowing others to see into their lives through their “lens.” The lens also earns money for the writer/creator which they can keep or give to charity. I like this system. It is very friendly.

MN Wedding Blessings

This is my blog and website. I created it for my business as a wedding ceremony designer and officiant. It was my first blog.

Capt Jill’s Journeys

I love travel blogs. Captain Jill is an actual ship’s captain and she is clearly obsessed with boats and travel, just like my son. Her enthusiasm is contageous. She really lets her personality shine through. She is a dedicated blogger. She uses a minimal template and doesn’t get too hung up on aesthetics and techical stuff. That is probably why she gets so much great blogging done. She is a fascinating person with an amazing life.