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me with my daughter and twin sons

This is me with my daughter and twin sons

Everyone from Martha Stewart to Fortune 500 companies to your 12-year old niece seems to have a website nowadays.

What type of blogger are you?*

  • Niche Expert
  • Journal Writer
  • Platform Builder
  • Business Owner
  • Professional Blogger
  • Product or Service Promoter
  • Freelancer

Websites and blogging have gone from something only the nerdly found themselves doing a few years ago to something that your mother likely knows about–if she isn’t doing it herself.

I love WordPress because it comes with some pretty neat stuff, such as an active developer community, a wide range of reference materials, and a large base of people you can turn to for help.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience.

Very truly,


p.s. One of my favorite sites is What is a Blog by Amy Andrews.

*credit The 7 Types of Blogger: Which One Are You? by Ali Luke